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Our Expertise

Over the years, we've produced everything from user experience flows to product prototypes, graphic design assets to product micro-animations, and product marketing copy to editorial services for academic journals. Need a custom logo? We can do it. Need a branding consultation? We can do it. Need a human-centered design workshop? We can do that, too! 


We also have an academic-level understanding of semiotics, or the study of cultural signs and sign systems. We aim for clarity in visual and written communications so that all of us might better connect to each other. 

Our History

Ghost Town started in 2018 as an off-hours design studio to satisfy client work in various media. After years of running side projects while completing his Ph.D. and working full-time in various design gigs, Ghost Town's Lead Designer, Jeff Appel, decided to take Ghost Town to full-time status in 2023. He has experience working with design agencies, global enterprise organizations, academic journals, and just about everybody else in between.

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